How to order a doll?

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2022 is here and we have a special gift for you!
new kits and custom completion is coming this year !!
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vinyl doll Kit Gianna and Giulia with Diprosopus !
available to order now !
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Mini clay portraits as small as 3 inches long
a mini portrait of your child hand sculpted in a porcelain like material to sit on a shelf and hold a memory forever.
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Life Sized clay portrait dolls
OOAK (one of a kind) Clay: a portrait of your child hand sculpted in a porcelain like material to sit on a shelf and hold a memory forever.
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Vinyl doll Kit Stanley Oliver with Down syndrome
Vinyl dolls hand painted by amazing artists available all around the world.
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Cuddle Bonnet babies *budget friendly
Bonnet babies are a doll service I provide where I make just the face of a doll with a cloth body that its permanently adhered to
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Vinyl Doll kit Nino with Dwarfism
Vinyl dolls hand painted by amazing artists available all around the world.
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Bonnet babies *Budget Friendly
Capture a moment for a life time of memories
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Chilly Chenza Doll *Budget Friendly
Sweet faces in warm outfits for the Holidays

Step One: choose a doll size 

from 3 inches to larger than life:

I love making all kinds of dolls! from fantasy to true to life as long as I can put a smile on your face and leave a lasting impression I am here to make a doll for you! My only conditions being that they are not targeting any demographic in a negative or disrespectful way! 

I can sculpt pretty much any size, price of the doll depending  on the amount of material and the size of the doll and the amount of research I must put into the creation of the doll. 

an important note to remember it takes me months to make a mini doll and  years to create a life sized doll! 

therefore If you are willing to work with me I could make your dolly dreams come true.

Step two: doll style 

clay is the first step in making a doll in all the materials. To make my doll wether it be paper clay, polymer clay or wax/ oil based clay, they all are clay first. one of the most important steps is figuring out how much of the doll you want sculpted and how much you want to be plush. Listed below are the different styles of doll  you can choose from from least to most clay:

Bonnet baby:  half face sculpted from the ears up the rest of the head being a stuffed bonnet. with a posable cuddle body.

Cuddle baby: sculpted head with a posable cuddle body.

Cuddle baby with hands: sculpted head  and hands to the wrist with a posable cuddle body.

1/4 limbs: sculpted head  hands and feet  just above the wrist  and ankle with a posable cuddle body.

3/4 limbs: sculpted head and arms just to just above the elbow and just above the knee with a posable cuddle body.

Full limbs: (preferred) sculpted head and full limbs with a posable cuddle body.

Full body: full clay body ONLY for silicone and/or vinyl production unless its a posed miniature doll under 8 inches 

Step three: materials 

OOAK (one of a kind)

Keep the doll in its rawest form. polymer clay is very fragile one baked and painted. This doll is made for light use and display purposes only not meant for children or small babies.


Life sized $4000+

Mini doll $2000+
 (up to 10 inches)


This option includes the sculpting portion but, once the doll is completed they will be sent to be produced into vinyl(a rubber material similar to the dolls you can buy at a toy store).There will be  a negotiable amount of copies of the sculpt made and available to everyone around the world and you will get the number one prototype painted and if you choose rooted (hair placed into the doll) to look as close to your dream doll as possible. If you wish part of the proceeds of your sculpt will be donated to a charity / foundation we can discuss when the doll is done.  The doll can be named after and/or be a memorial for someone  who has passed and this will be commemorated on the certificates of authenticity.

Life sized $2000+

Mini doll $1000+
 (up to 10 inches)



This can be an option with or with out the vinyl option. If you choose to get a silicone doll they are much softer with bendable limbs and appendages. Sometimes they can be able to accept a pacifier if you chose have a full sculpted mouth. If you choose this as an option after being made into vinyl the doll can be made into a silicone doll by a silicone caster then painted / and rooted by myself or another artist. There will be up to 15 copies made and sold of this doll in silicone.

Life sized $3000+ (plus add on prices from mold maker and painter)
Mini doll $1500

Budget Friendly Mini Babies 

Mini  cuddle babies:

Bonnet babies are a doll service I provide  where I make just the face of a doll with a cloth body which  can be shaped like a star snow suit, have a permanent PJ , a two piece outfit or have a full articulated mini body. These dolls are all mini and can be around 10 inches long they start at $250 and can go up to $600 depending on level of detail. There are spots available to purchase on my web store or I make dolls available to adopt on my Instagram and/or  Facebook you can turn on post notifications  to see when they are available.

CCD (Chilly Chenza Dolls)


BB(Bonnet baby)


CBB (Cuddle bonnet baby)


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